What We Do

Q. Objectives & Values

  • The objective of the Union shall be the promotion and furtherance of any matters of particular interest to its members, and without prejudice to the generality of he foregoing, in particular: to act as the recognised and independent means of communication between students and the Institute authorities, and in the process to promote the principle of democratisation of third level education through the collective and individual participation of members of the Union.
  • The Union shall also seek to establish such services as its sees fit to improve the position of its members, including on matters relating to education and welfare and to protect and further student rights as citizens, in accordance with Law. In the carrying out of these objectives, the Union shall aspire to embrace the values of accountability, democracy, efficiency, professionalism and transparency
  • The Union shall conduct its affairs independent of any party political affiliation, under the terms of the Electoral Act, 1992 (as amended), and shall ensure that its structures, organs and other means of transacting business are non-party political in character.
  • The Union shall seek to promote participation in Clubs and Societies by members, and may choose to allocate such resources as the Student Council may deem necessary to the development of such activities, following advice from the Board of DITSU CLG.
  • The Union shall also seek to help students and to keep them informed of relevant goings in within DIT.
  • The Union shall seek to engage with students and listen to their requirements.
  • The Union shall also seek to provide students with the information they need to live their college life to the full.

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Q. Strategy

The objective of the Union is to represent and defend on behalf of all its members, on matters primarily relating to their education and welfare and to protect and further their rights as citizens, in accordance with law.

In order to achieve this objective the Union works in a number of strategic areas to ensure that the students voice is heard. Examples of this include continual input into the proposed Grangegorman development, research into the effect of increases in the cost of education on our students and the establishment and carrying out of key campaigns.

You can be sure that DIT Students’ Union is working hard to represent the student voice at many levels. You can find out more about what strategic developments are taking place in the Presidents’ Blog and Student Council Meeting minutes.

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