My Rights campaign

November 07, 2016


I’m entitled to Information…


  • I’m entitled to a Student Handbook explaining the requirements of my course in detail, at the start of each academic year.
  • I’m entitled to details of an assessment at least 4 weeks before it’s due.
  • I’m entitled to receive the marks on my assignments within 4 weeks, along with useful and constructive feedback. 
  • I’m entitled to a quality learning experience
  • I’m entitled to teaching standards that are up-to-date and well planned.
  • I’m entitled to replacement classes if one or more is seriously disrupted.
  • I’m entitled to a fit-for-purpose Library facility with basic reference materials and resources suited to my area of study.

I’m entitled to give feedback…

  • I’m entitled to opportunities to express my views on how my programme is run.
  • I’m entitled to give opinion at the end of every module by filling out a Student Feedback form. Each lecturer must provide this to my class.
  • I’m entitled to clear information on marking criteria in advance of my assessments.
  • I can make a to make a formal complaint about the breaches of programme quality using the DIT Student Complaints Procedure

I entitled to fair treatment…

  • I’ve the right to get my marks Rechecked or Remarked if I believe there has been a mistake
  • I have the right of Appeal if I believe the Exam Board has made a mistake or arrived at a wrong decision
  • I have the right to view my exam scripts and get constructive feedback on how I answered the questions


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