Class Reps


The Class Rep is the voice and the elected representative of the entire class. The rep represents students views at Class Rep Meetings and raises issues at Programme Committee Meetings with DIT. Class Reps are elected by each class.

What are the Class Rep Meetings

Class Rep Meetings (or CRMs) are chaired by the local College Officer and adminstered by the local Student Advisor. Just like it says on the tin, it is a meeting of class reps. There are usually about 3 per semsters and they are usually held at lunch - for your trouble you will get a lunch voucher (or maybe even pizza). This is an opportunity for you to hear what is happening in DIT and DITSU, but it is also a chance for you to meet other class reps and voice any issues that you have.

What are the Programme Committee Meetings?
Programme Committee’s sit once a semester and are an opportunity for constructive dialogue between Class Reps across your course and staff in order to make improvements to your course.

How do I become a Class Rep

Throughout September and October of each year, there is a recruitment drive for Class Reps. DITSU reps will be calling to classes to organise elections, if we have missed you, contact the SU and we will organise one for you. You can download a form here. You can pick up a student councillor nomination form from your Student Advsior or your College Officer at your local SU office