The Referendum


Have your say on 19th & 20 February

In January 2019 TU Dublin came into being and DIT, IT Tallaght, and IT Blanchardstown were dissolved. With the dissolution of the colleges this also means the end of the three existing Students’ Unions; DITSU, ITTD SU and ITB SU.

This means that a new Students’ Union must be created in order to represent all students of the University, whether they study in City Campus (previously DIT campuses), Tallaght or in Blanchardstown.

Full Time Officers of DITSU, ITTDSU and ITBSU have been working for months on creating the new Constitution. A Constitution is simply the ‘rule book’ for a new Students’ Union. We are delighted to present to you the proposed plan for a new TU Dublin Students’ Union that will fully represent the members of what was all three of our Students’ Unions.

This new constitution - The TU Dublin Students’ Union (TUDSU) Constitution has been endorsed by the Student Councils (or their equivalent) in DITSU, ITTDSU and ITBSU. The next step is to hold a referendum. A referendum is simply where we ask YOU the members of the proposed new Students’ Union to vote on its formation. You will be able to vote on 19th & 20th February.

Vote YES in this referendum

Use your voice, be part of history in creating the biggest Students’ Union in the country

Vote Yes to:

  • Ensure student representation and a voice on all University committees and boards.

  • Continue to elect your representatives that can deal with your class, campus and national issues through lobbying and protests.

  • Continue to provide a free, independent and confidential advice service for all students.

  • Run Welfare and Education Campaigns on the issues that matter and affect you most.

  • Enhance your college experience by hosting events and providing opportunities to engage with other students.

  • Hold training and workshops for volunteers and students such as Class Rep Training, Debating/Public Speaking, Suicide Prevention Training, etc.

  • Opportunities to get involved and raise money each year for a charity chosen by you through ‘Raising and Giving’ events.

  • Student Discount Cards that can help you save money.

  • Of course...Free condoms and tampons from your Students’ Union Office!


Vote No for:

  • No independent voice or representation on committees and boards, on local and national level..

  • No impartial advice.

  • No information campaigns.

  • No training.

  • No fundraising.

  • No discount cards.

  • Poorer facilities

  • No events specifically for TUD students.


Your Student Card is required to vote (Passport, Garda Age Card and Drivers Licence also accepted)