The Team


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DIT Students’ Union is quite unique compared to other Irish Students' Unions. As well as having vibrant, fresh, educated and focused elected officers, we also have a team of professional staff members who support the elected officers each year.


Executive Council

(Left to Right: Póilín Ní Géidigh (GG College Officer), Daniel Sogaolu (PG Officer), Barry Egan (KST College Officer), Roisin O'Donovan (VP Welfare), Chika Adusi (AST College Officer), Jess Morris (VP Events), Kais Ali Hassan (BST College Officer), Pierre Yimbog (President), Rebecca Gorman (VP Education), Hamza Jamaa (CBST College Officer), Rosie White (RATH College Officer))

The Executive Council is made up of the six College Officers (1 per site), one Post Graduate Officer and four Sabbaticals who meet monthly at the Executive Council Meetings to discuss issues brought up at Class Rep meetings.


The Sabbaticals


(Left to Right: Your full-time elected officers - Rebecca, Pierre, Roisin and Jess)

This group of four are your full-time elected officers that have been elected from every campus across DIT.  Their work briefs are divided into four distinct areas.  The team have offices in Aungier Street but are often out and about visiting other sites.


Postgrad Officer

Daniel Sogaolu DITSUs postgrad officer. It is a part-time position open to all DIT students who are undertaking anytype of postgraduate course. 


College Officers 

There are College Officer positions for the five main DIT sites. These officers are full-time students and part-time officers. Their main responsibilities include electing Class Reps and running Class Rep Meetings. Theyt are the go to person for the Class Reps on their site. They are also repsonsible for the running of local activities and events.