Staff Listing


Looking for our elected officers? You will find a complete listing here. If you are a student looking for advice, you can contact any of our Student Advisors, regardless of what site they are based on or you can email

Aungier Street


Layne Aston

402 7630

Office Administrator


Bolton Street


Maura Cunningham

402 2941

Deputy CEO


Sinead Collins

402 2944

Student Advisor


Claire Healey

086 815 1472

Executive Co-ordinator


Mary Scally

402 2940

Dir of Student Academic Affairs



Cathal Brugha Street


Trish Cullen

402 4370

Student Advisor









Sharon Hughes






Kevin Street

Sarah Coll 402 4776 HR & Training Exec


Eve Donnelly

402 4654

Comms Exec


Aisling McElvaney

402 4641

Graphic Designer


Susie Young

402 2813

Student Advisor


Jason Aughney

402 4959

Development Manager