Student Councillor

Student council is our (DIT Students' Union aka DITSU) highest decision making body. It represents the the voices and opinions of the student body (~21,000 students) both locally to the DIT and on a national level.

The main role of Student Council is to set out policies and mandates for us, to oversee the work that we do and to hold our elected officers to account.

Election hustings will take place at your local Class Rep Meeting (keep an eye out for posters, or pop down to your local Union office to inquire about the date), where you will either need to attend, send in a letter/get someone to speak for you explaining why you would like to be a Student Councillor.

You will be asked to introduce yourself, so please prepare a 30 second speech saying who you are, and why you would like to run.

Elections will then take place online following the meeting.


For more information about Student Council and how it works, check out our Student Council Handbook