Run for Rep

DITSU Class Reps

Congratulations on either being elected a Class Rep already, or if you have put yourself forward for nomination and are waiting for the Students' Union to visit your class to elect you.

CLASS REP TRAINING!!! Please keep the afternoon of the 11th October and the full day on the 12th October free for our amazing training days (ddon't worry, we can give you a letter saying you will be at training which you can give to your lecturers). It is a fantastic event, where you will gain important life skills, meet other class reps, have an amazing dinner at a hotel and have a fun evening out with your new friends. We will be in touch with more details.

Elected Class Reps

If you have been through an election process with the Students' Union officers conducting an election in your class already, you will have needed to have filled out a form with your details, so we can contact you. If you have not received this form, but an election has been held, please call down to your local Union office.

I haven't been elected, but I would still like to nominate myself.

No worries!!! You can request a nomination form here or email