College is hard on the bank balance. Students are under increasing pressure because part-time jobs are hard to come by and parents/partners simply don't have money to help out.

Ignoring your finances and having no plan is not the answer. Funding assistance is available in the from of the Maintenance Grant and the DIT Student Assitance Fund. We've also included some helpful websties below.

Q. Grants & Funding

SUSI Grant

If you applied for your Student Grant using the SUSI system last year or will be applying for the Student Grant for the first time, the below information is for you.

The online SUSI Student Grant Renewals system is now open. To submit your renewal application, follow this link:

Students in receipt of grants from existing awarding authorities should renew with that awarding authority.

The SUSI Support desk is available for both email:  and telephone queries at 0761 08 7874 for all queries.

In addition undated in formation and easy to use guides on the online application will be published on and on our the facebook page:

You can also visit the Student Finance Website.

DIT Student Assistance Fund

There are several schemes under the Student Assistance Fund. Each scheme has certain criteria and opening and closing dates vary according to the scheme.

Please call 01 4023394 or email if you require any help or assistance when completing your application form. 

Your local DITSU representatives on campus and the staff at the Student Services office (Aungier St and Bolton St) will also be able to assist you.

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Q. Managing Money

There’s nothing like finally receiving your grant/pay cheque to bring on a splurge. While you MIGHT deserve a treat, ask yourself - is it worth three long months of beans & pot noodles? If you're becoming known for coin fishing down the back of every couch you see – It's time to GET SORTED...

Your Money Plan:

People spend most on pay/grant cheque day and a couple of days after. So, instead of blowing all your cash in week one, Divide the total by the number of weeks it is supposed to cover . If you're renting, this will probably be less than your rent so use it wisely Grasshopper. Then, if there is anything left - treat yourself at the end of the month, gloriously guilt free - when you'd usually be moping around flat broke.

To help you work out how much you are spending every week, and how you can manage it better we have devised a Money Plan for you. The first step is to fill out a Spending Diary. This will help you figure out where your money is going, and determine how much of your spending is on non-essential items.

Download: DITSU Spending Diary

Every year the DIT Students' Union deals with students who have severely mismanaged their income and ended up in severe debt. If you find yourself in trouble drop in to the SU office, we can put you in touch with the right people to get your finances back on track.

For more information on the managing your money please visit the It’s Your Money website. They have a special section for students including a 5 step plan to help reduce the stress of managing your money during your college days and help you to get the most from your cash.

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