Kevin Street College Officer Update

Posted by Dean Murray, on February 21, 2017

How’s she cuttin’? (That’s hello in cavan speak)

Just gonna hit you with a little bit of truth right now KST …… THE SNACKERY IS A KIP!!!!!
In light of this information we’ve been given €15,000 to do up the Snackery and the common room area, i’ll be soon putting together a focus group of student s to come up with different ideas for the place!

Just a heads up the door handle on room KE 3 004 is broke and if the door is closed you’ll be locked in and in case of a fire you’ll be Ducked (reference to Jess there^^^), if you happen to have a class in the room please remind your lecturer because I wouldn’t want any of ye getting lost on me.

Last week we had our donut eating competition which was not for the faint of heart! It was great craic and I promise to bring more stuff like that from now on (Because everyone loves free stuff).

Next week we’re having the “from here to Pierre cyclathon” using spin bikes i’ll be trying to get students to collectively cycle the distance from Kevin Street to Cameroon (That’s where Pierre is from!!) and there’ll be tunes, prizes, hopefully free shtuff.

The people of KST have spoken and decided that for the beast ball we shall be known as the KST gorillas! I don’t know what the significance of this is but just know we did Harambe proud and be prepared because KST is gonna rek any other campus when it comes to ball competitions!

Elections are open RUN!!!!!!!
Guys nomination forms for all SU positions are now available in your SU, if you’d like to see something change in KST, if you have and idea for the future of Kevin street or even if you like bringing the craic and kicking people in the shins while doing it RUN. Anyone can do it take me for example I ran in first year and by some miracle (or counting mistake) I won and I can honestly tell you it has been the most amazing experience of my life! But as with all stories mine has almost reached its’ end so it’s your job to pick up the mantle, are you up for it?

Well guys i’m keeping it really short and beautifully sweet this month as I have some big things in the works for next month wink

Until next month

Dean XO