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Posted by Kieron Pierson - VP Education, February 20, 2017

VP Education

Most of you would have gotten your results by now if you haven’t already. We’ve done up a little FAQ doc to help you with any questions that you may have around accessing your results, what to do if you’re not happy, etc.

Posted by Kieron Pierson - VP Education, January 25, 2017

VP Education Update

How’re you doing? I hope that your time off over Christmas was enjoyable as it was well-deserved for all the hard work that you put in over the the first semester. Semester two is upon us though, which means that it’s back to the grind for all of us. We’re working hard here in you SU to make sure that your semester going forward is the best experience that it can be. So, what has Team Education been up and what have we got planned for you? *Suspense builds…*

Posted by Kieron Pierson - VP Education, December 05, 2016

Education Update 8th December

Our My Rights campaign went live with posters on each site and a video on the Facebook page. This campaign is to highlight the rights that you all have as DIT students under the General Assessment Regulations and the Student Charter.

Posted by Kieron Pierson - VP Education, November 11, 2016

Education Update 11th November

This month, we will be releasing the My Rights campaign, this is an initiative that we’ve rolled out in previous years to make students aware of the rights and entitlements that they can expect as DIT students. These rights are taken from documents such as the Student Charter and the General Assessment Regulations.

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