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Posted by Dean Murray, February 21, 2017

Kevin Street College Officer Update

Just gonna hit you with a little bit of truth right now KST …… THE SNACKERY IS A KIP!!!!! In light of this information we’ve been given €15,000 to do up the Snackery and the common room area, i’ll be soon putting together a focus group of student s to come up with different ideas for the place!

Posted by Dean Murray, January 25, 2017

Kevin Street College Officer Blog

Citizens of KST this is your CO speaking” …… Hello M8’s, I hope your Christmas dinner was lacking sprouts and your exams were lacking surprises!!!

Posted by Dean Murray, December 05, 2016

Dean’s Update 8th December

My KST Kings and Queens, How are We? Welcome to December!! The last month was a long one to say the least but very productive! Here are some of the things i’ve been up to.

Posted by Dean Murray, November 04, 2016

Dean’s Update 4th November

This month has been a busy one, After the last council I’ve been really pushing to get class reps we have almost twice as many as this time last month so YAY! If your class still doesn’t have a Class Rep please give me an email officerkst@ditsu.ie or ask your class rep have they handed in a rep form to the SU office because a lot of reps haven’t meaning they’re not on our system and this could be a problem if we need to help you with a problem.

Posted by Dean Murray, October 14, 2016

Dean’s Update 14th October

Our first two class rep meetings (formal/informal) both went off flawlessly, we learned eachothers spirit animals,cheered for the microwave (KEEP IT CLEAN) and cried for the wifi :’( In regards to the wifi one of our class reps has set up a petition to get the wifi fixed by DIT i have shared this to the KST page if all of yous could share it that’d be unreal! We have our class rep training coming up this friday It’ll be Lit!!!! (insert fire emoji), if you haven’t booked your place yet there’s still a few available so get on it!!!