Student Council

What is the Student Council?

Student Council is the highest decision making body of the DIT Students' Union. Its main role is to set out policies for the Students' Union, and to oversee the work that it does. It also reviews the Class Rep Meetings, co-ordinates and reviews the activities of the Full Time and Part Time Elected Officers (Sabbaticals and College Officers), and reviews DITSU's Plan of work (what work we do for the year) and finances.

Basically it is like the students very own Government - you can ask the Councillors (TD's) to make sure that the officers are doing their work, and any overall problems that students have, can be addressed.

How do I get elected?

Elections take place at the Class Rep Meeting on your site. You need to get  two DIT students to nominate and second you, and you will either need to be present at the meeting, send someone to represent you or write your own letter to the meeting expressing your interest in the position. Nominations close 5 days in advance of your Class Rep Meeting, so make sure you get your nomination forms in as soon as possible.

Will I receive training for this position?

Absolutely! Training usually takes place early in Semester One and covers both skills and practical training.

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