No Class Rep? No Voice. Do you have what it takes to be a Class Rep?

Class Reps

Find My Class Rep

  • Do you like to solve problems?
  • Are you a good communicator?
  • Do you want to get the best deal for students in your class?
  • Are you a good organiser?
  • Are you a Leader?
  • Do you like to have fun?
  • Is this you?
  • Or if you want to learn these important skills why not run for Class Rep?

Here's a quick intro to what's involved in being a Class Rep.

  • The Class Rep is the contact point between DITSU and the class, keeping students informed on their rights, campaigns, promotions, freebies and deals available from the SU and organises class parties and trips away as well.
  • The Rep is the elected representative of the entire class, the spokesperson who represents students’ views to DIT at Programme Committee meetings, and the problem-solver who raises issues and finds solutions to any day to day issues.
  • Class Reps attend the local Class Rep meetings and by taking part in DITSU campaigns and activities can get involved in the broader aspects of student life, e.g. from discussing how to improve the Library Services to fundraising for RAG week.

Why should I run for Class Rep?

  • It’s very valuable experience. Employers are always impressed with job applicants who have been involved in any leadership roles during their time in College in addition to getting a qualification.
  • You can develop your leadership, communications and negotiation skills.
  • You get great training, provided by DITSU and supported by DIT.
  • You can improve the quality of your Programme by ensuring any problems are dealt with quickly and effectively. 
  • You get freebies – a free lunch at the Class Rep Meetings and you might get free t-shirts and hoodies.
  • You to get to know all the students in your class and on other programmes in DIT.

What exactly would I have to do as the Class Rep?

  • Attend Class Rep meetings and let your classmates know what was discussed and pass on any important DIT / DITSU announcements to them.
  • Attend the Programme Committee and bring all issues to the Committee and then follow up with feedback to the class on any developments.
  • Inform the Students’ Union about any difficulties your class is experiencing and we will advise you on tactics and getting solutions.
  • Let your Classmates know about DITSU Events, promotions, offers, maybe organise a class party and also get lots of freebies for yourself and your class!
  • Have fun!

Please note:

Class Rep contact details may be passed onto DIT, as necessary, for notification of meetings you are required to attend. The Class Rep Register of the names of elected Reps on each site will be available here so that students can easily find out the name of their Class Rep.

How do Class Reps get elected?

At the beginning of each year we run a huge campaign to get as many Class Reps as possible. Your elected officers and School Reps should be calling into your class during the first few weeks and they will organise class elections then and there.

But, if somehow we’ve missed you, get in contact with your local office and we will facilitate an election.

You can download the Class Rep Handbook here: