Mature Students

Whatever your reason for coming back to education, updating your skills, gaining a new qualification, achieving a personal goal or ambition, DIT welcomes all mature students.

Mature students have some very different concerns and needs to the more traditional school entry student. There may be financial concerns, childcare needs or issues with parking. Mature students are also a very valuable asset to DIT – you can bring a wealth of experience and knowledge to the less experienced student. Mature students are often one of the most political in DIT.

DIT runs a Mature Student Access Course which is a one year course at DIT, designed for Mature Students (22 years of age on the first of January of the year the course begins) from areas and communities where there is not a strong tradition of participation in third level education. Having successfully completed the one year course participants are then eligible to enter undergraduate courses at DIT.

We have put together this page to specifically serve your needs. If there is anything missing here, please let us know by getting in touch by email