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Grangegorman- An Introduction

Grangegorman is the site of the proposed new DIT campus. All of the DIT sites, from Kevin St. to Portland Row, Templebar to Cathal Brugh St., Mount St. to Rathmines Road, will be moving to a brand new campus on the site of the old Grangegorman Mental Hospital on the Northside of the city, fifteen minutes walk from Bolton St.

The new Grangegorman campus has been in the planning processes for a number of years with a final master plan now in place. The new campus is going to be the largest investment in 3rd level education in the history of the state and will finally give DIT state-of-the-art facilities to accommodate the thousands of dedicated students who already attend the college. The Grangegorman Campus will include a flagship student center, high quality student accommodation, international standard sporting facilities, several social areas and premier academic facilities – all situated in the heart of Dublin City and connected by numerous bus routes and the proposed new Luas line.

Latest Developments

Press Release from Grangegorman Development Authority (31/10/13)

One of the biggest single projects within the Grangegorman re‐development was today put out to market by the Minister for Education and Skills, Mr. Ruairi Quinn TD. Two new state of the art buildings, which together will accommodate over 11,000 students and staff from Dublin Institute of Technology, will be delivered through this project and will be developed in the form of a public private partnership.

The Chairman of the Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA), Mr. John Monahan, said today that this project moving forward was one of the strongest signals to date of the Government’s commitment to the Grangegorman project. He said “The decision by Government to bring this PPP project to market is a vote of confidence in the Grangegorman project and what it will deliver for the stakeholders involved and the country as a whole. The GDA has been working hard since 2006 to reach milestones such as this one today.”

The Chief Executive of the GDA, Mr. Michael Hand, echoed the sentiment of the chairman saying “There have been many false dawns on the Grangegorman project and we have suffered our fair share of setbacks, but today’s announcement reflects the real hard work that has gone into progressing this project and shows the significance of it.”

Mr Hand went on “The construction phase that the Agency is now entering into will generate in the region of 2,000 jobs between now and 2017. As we speak the Agency is about to appoint a contractor for a major civil engineering contract which will see the development of all of the site infrastructure and public realm. In addition we will soon appoint a contractor to refurbish several old structures onsite which will bring the first DIT students to Grangegorman in 2014.”

The two new buildings which will be developed in this PPP project will, from September 2017, be home to the College of Arts and Tourism, the College of Sciences and Health and part of the College of Engineering and the Built Environment. As a Public Private Partnership, the procurement process for this project will be run by the National Development Finance Agency (NDFA). The GDA has been working closely with the NDFA along with DIT over the past year to arrive at this significant moment.

The Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA)

The Grangegorman Development Agency (GDA) is a statutory agency established in 2006 by the Irish Government to redevelop the former St. Brendan's Hospital grounds in Dublin city centre. The GDA aims to create a vibrant new city quarter with a diverse mix of uses, in a way that is sensitive to the context of the Grangegorman site, its surrounding neighbourhoods and the existing community. You can visit their website to learn more about the Grangegorman development or to learn of any new developments.

Key Milestones To Date

  • Strategic Development Zone planning designation for the entire site, ensuring no planning delays as each aspect of the development rolls out.
  • 5 Planning permissions granted under the SDZ Planning Scheme.
  • The HSE Mental Health Replacement, the Phoenix Care Centre, completed and occupied.
  • Masterplan for the physical development of the whole site has won major international awards for urban development.
  • 16 classroom primary school (onsite since September 2009) accommodating Dublin 7 Educate Together, has Department of Education and Skills approval for development of permanent premises on campus
  • High level of engagement with all stakeholders in the project throughout the last 6 years
  • Major Public realm and infrastructure contract starting in October 2013
  • Design for re‐use of listed buildings complete and planning permission granted – work will start in November 2013, for completion and occupation for 1100 students and staff in September 2014.
  • Funding secured through PRTLI and Enterprise Ireland for construction of Environmental Health Sciences Institute/DIT Hothouse building – planning permission secured and building will be ready for occupation in June 2015.
  • Two major quads are now in design stage, funded through the Government Capital Investment Programme announced in July 2012, and due for completion in September 2017. They will cater for 11,000 DIT students and staff.
  • The campus development is being used as a learning project for many DIT students at undergraduate and postgraduate level

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